A typical day of a stay at home mom comes with a preconception of being “ easy” compared to a working mother or a father. Even I had that in my mind until I became a stay at home mom. Being raised by a working mother, I always liked the idea of seeing woman independent, going out for work and having a social life, Nevertheless,I also missed my mom in my growing years and her presence around the house all the time. I saw her struggles as a working woman, the struggle of maintaining an equilibrium between her work and personal life and how tough it could become at times.

 I too had my prejudices when it came to surmise a stay at home mom’s daily life. Being a corporate HR, I have seen working mothers over-stretching themselves at work because of kids at home, besides, I have also seen stay at home moms pushing their kids in strollers in park and dreamt about having that easy life.. exercise, parks, yoga pants, and all those  afternoon naps, but as it says, you don’t understand a situation unless you are in it. During my first pregnancy,I had to quit my job in the second trimester because of unavoidable health issues. The idea was to get back to work after a couple of years, then I had my second child and I got more glued to home and mommy life.  

Here’s what a typical day actually looks like for me:

6:45 am— Morning alarm, snooze.. snooze.. snooze for another fifteen minutes, wake up at 7 am.  Have a glass of water and enter the restroom and finish all your restroom activities for the rest of the day 😟😒.

7:30 am— Oh no! The little one is already awake, change his diaper and give him a warm bottle of milk, once he finishes, put him inside the pack and play or make him sit on the stroller and get into the kitchen to make breakfast.

8:00 am—  Breakfast is done, pack the tiffin and warm the milk for the elder one, time to wake him up now. The little one is cranky and wants to be carried now.

8:15 am— Brush the elder one’s teeth and convince him to take shower now. 

8:30 am— Wake up the husband, if he is in town (Somehow my husband manages to sleep through it…AMAZING skill set he has developed.) and give him the custody of one kid now. Dress the elder one for school.

8:45 am— Serve breakfast to the elder one and convince him to eat, tell him stories while arranging for the lunch that the husband will carry to his office and we will eat at home.

9:00 am— The husband drops the elder one to school if he’s in town or else I do that. By this time the nanny enters and take charge of the younger one.

9:15 am— Finish breakfast with a cup of tea and make lunch.

9:30 am— Serve breakfast to the husband and sit together and have a quick conversation. The younger one too have breakfast at this time.

10:00 am— Pack husband’s lunch as he leaves for work, the younger one sleeps at this time.  Clean and close the kitchen.

10:15 am— Login to the computer and work for sometime, till the baby is awake. Them give him shower, make his juice. The laundry is done a this time.

12:15 am— Pick the elder one from school. Change his clothes and now it’s lunch time for both the sons. After that I finish my lunch.

1:15 pm—  Put both the boys to sleep and read a book, newspaper or watch something on the television. Fold the laundry and do some blogging.

4:00 pm— Snack time for the boys. Take them out for a stroll and finish my errands.

6 pm—- Have tea and give them milk.

7 pm—  Prepare dinner, husband is back, give him snack and tea.

8:30 pm— Dinner time for all of us. Clean the kitchen.

9:00 pm— Make the bed, change the boys to night dress and put them to sleep.

Alas, finally some time all by myself. The days are long, busy and hectic. Do I regret it? No, I love being a stay at home mom with a job I can do right at home . My family is my life and I love doing for them, it’s just that I wish that blasted alarm would wait a few more hours before it goes off again.