Does parenting come with a manual? Of course not. How do you define parenting then? How do you learn parenting? And what’s the best guide to learn parenting? Well, there’s no guide to learn parenting. You grow as a parent with your child, you learn with them, discover new dimensions within yourself which you never knew existed before. You learn, unlearn and relearn many things while raising your children. But what remains constant is your expectations from your child and unconsciously you become a control freak, in addition to that you try to manipulate each and every emotion of your child. Eventually you become a part of the rat race where all that you want from your child is to excel in all fields.

Once a parent, has now become a dictator, which kills the child in them, they grow before time, suffer from inferiority complex, always live under the pressure to perform better in each and every aspect of life. All this factors when combined together adds more stress and affects to the mental growth of a child and as a result he/she suffers from mental health issues. Isn’t it our responsibility to give them a happy and stress free childhood? Being a parent is the best blessing, enjoy with your children before they are old enough to look after themselves.

Here are few things to start with, which will only strengthen the base of your relationship as parent-child and in the process will make your child mentally happy and emotionally strong.

ABC of Parenting: 

  • A for Acceptance– The child accepts you as you are, without trying to change you. Every child is special, accept them with open arms, and stop comparing them with other children.  
  • B for Behaviour— I have already mentioned in my previous blog that children’s are nothing but just the reflection of their parents and what they have seen in their growing years. Watch your behaviour first, if you want to control their behaviour. Change in your attitude and behaviour towards them automatically reflect in their behaviour. 
  • C for Communication— Communication is the key of any successful relationship. Keep the flow of communication always open. Be a good listener, not a dictator. 

Accept them for who they are,be good to your children and never turn your back at them, they need you beside them through their growing age.

ABC of Parenting