What do you do when you feel depressed? Do you grab a chocolate? Do you meditate or do you just go for a walk into the greens? Well, how many of you know that gardening too works as a Stress Reliever.

A study published in the Journal of Health Psychology reported that gardening was more effective at reducing stress than reading a book. Another study that appeared in the Journal of Public Health found that working in a garden for just 30 minutes increased self-esteem and mood.  Modern life has become so fast and demanding that majority of the crowd is facing some or the other issues related to anxiety and stress. We live in a world that simply refuses to stop turning and continues to demand more and more from all of us, so it has become really important to create a place to relax and detox our body and soul.

Wonder apples- Hybrid of zester and pink lady varieties

Planting a garden can work as a great stress reliever. If you have a small patio or a balcony, you can go for a space /container gardening and choose indoor plants. If you’ve a vast area, you can grow your own vegetables and fruits. Also, you can create a nature walk using little bit of landscaping.

Flagstone pavers created by – Manisha Singh

Why Gardening works as a Stress Reliever

Exercise– Digging, weeding, planting and harvesting are good forms of physical activity that releases a hormone named Endorphins which helps you to keep fit.

Eat healthy– You get to eat home grown organic vegetables and fruits.

Fresh air and Sunlight – You spend good amount of time out in the fresh air and also soak in ample amount of Vitamin D from the sun.

Bacteria– Going by the old school – You’re exposed to mud, soil and bacteria that is present in the garden, which increases your immunity towards foreign bodies.

Relaxation – Spending some good amount of time into the nature is a good way of relaxing and detoxing your mind.

Reduction of Cortisol – Cortisol is a hormone produced by the body in the time of stress. Gardening- read it creativity here, reduces Cortisol.

Zinnia- attractive to butterflies and honey bees

Let us peek into the beautiful garden of Manisha, who lives her life by one philosophy- “si vale la Pena harcelo vale la Pena harcelo bien” which means if a job is worth doing, it’s worth doing it for good.

Best place to enjoy your cup of tea

Manisha likes to nurture her plants like babies, likes to see them grow and survive in unfavourable conditions, and to see them bloom without competition. She and her husband has created their garden from the scratch, built a beautiful nature walk and now when the garden is fully ready and the plants are blooming, they enjoy their cup of tea while enjoying the scenic beauty of their garden.

Rosemary- Planted from seed 3 years back by Manisha
Echinacea- belongs to the family of Sunflower

Share your gardening story with us and tell us how it works as a stress reliever for you.