As moms, our biggest and toughest task is how to instill healthy eating habits in our kids ,specially when we have so many ready to eat and packaged foods available in the market. Sometimes ,we get too tired of their tantrums and start looking for easy options ,which results in serving packaged and unhealthy food to our kids, and in long run this also hampers the eating habits of our kids.

Here are few points which can help us to develop healthy eating habits in our kids.

1. Never ever label a food as bad ,good or boring– While serving food to your kids always have a smile on your face and rather name it as an interesting meal.

2. Making meal time relaxed and entertaining – Meal time should be relaxed, full of open talks and discussions. Making meal time joyful also help kids to explore various options served on the table.

3. Eat together as a family – A family that eats together, stays together- we all know this right, but eating together also make children curious to find out what others are eating and try that, and they start to develop and understand the likes and dislikes of other family members.

4. Encourage your kids to help you in setting up the menu for the day – This also help to gain knowledge about various food products and their benefits. Also they start appreciating home cooked meal over packaged and store bought ones.

5. Involve them in grocery and vegetable shopping – This is so much fun , remember how we liked to run errands and buy vegetables as kids. This was they get introduced to different vegetables, fruits and lentils. Also, when they grow up and start living on their own, they will know how to run their kitchen. They will not end up ordering outside food all the time.

6. Encourage them to eat slow and chew their food properly– This way, they will get the real taste of the food . Also, as we all know chewing food properly helps in digestion too.

7. Be a role model by showing them the right way of eating– Be a good example when eat comes to eating healthy. Your kids will reciprocate what they see.

8. Don’t be a dictator always , ask for their choices too– Give them choices, their taste buds are different from yours. You might prefer rice but they might prefer breads or rotis. Don’t force feed them.

9.Be a storyteller– You can tell them stories about how the crops and vegetables are grown. Also ,about the farmers and why we should eat more of fruits and vegetables to help them grow.

10. Keep smart phones away from the dining table– Eating while smart phones on the dining table is a big No No. Its a big distraction- they will not know what they are eating neither they will have any conversations over the dinner table.

Healthy eating habits in kids

These are the few things which we can do to make meal time entertaining. By bringing these points to practice will make a huge impact on the way their meals times are usually. They will start developing interest in various food options and will wait for the dinner time, as it will be full of entertainment, story telling and laughters. And hence, will gradually help moms to instill good and healthy eating habits in your kids.