The other day I was feeling very gloomy due to certain unavoidable events happening sequentially, I was trying hard to keep myself elated and busy with kids and work, but that wasn’t really helping. I knew the problem was profound and majorly stress induced, I was just blaming the situations for it , yes because that is easy, easy to put the blame on something or someone. Then I happen to come across a FB post by my sister in law Taniya, which made me question my pretext about the whole situation.
Here are the points that she mentioned on her post, if these points are enacted to a major extend will surely take your life towards a more positive side.

  1. Learn to let go
  2. Keep it simple
  3. Avoid overthinking
  4. Avoid being critical
  5. Be nice, be nice, be nice
  6. Don’t get easily influencers
  7. Spend time with people who make you love you
  8. Life is short – hug tight
  9. Pray pray pray for people who need it
  10. Positive vibes only
  11. Weed out unwanted extras in life
  12. When in doubt – avoid driving the husband crazy
  13. Keep your circle tight
  14. Help others more than you ever did
  15. The Universe is watching out for you

…and above all, take care of mental health ✌🏽

These words are no less than a divine intervention for me. We all are fighting with our prejudices, there is a demon inside of all us and sometime it pushes us towards negativity, at the same time our angels are also protecting us, follow them, choose the right path to lead a happy life.