Your child may not listen to you but is always watching you.

Most of us are busy bossing around our kids and always expect them to follow our instructions. We want to discipline them, expect them to be gentle and humble and what not. But most of us forget that how they are always watching us, the way we represent ourselves to the outer world, the way we deal with our peer group ; with people who are superior and below our social strata. Our kids are nothing but the reflection of our own personalities. They become what we show them ,not what we expect or want them to become.

Deep in our hearts, we don’t want our kids to inherit the bad side of ours and we always try to control them in those particular areas. But we end up repeating those things infront of them , we fail to control our own behaviour and emotions. We all know that children get affected easily by their surroundings and as parents it’s our basic job to give them a happy and healthy environment in their growing ages. 

We all know that children from broken families, children of abusive and temperamental parents, children who have gone through and seen the anxious and depressed side of their parents/family are more prone to mental illness and might end up looking at the word the same way their parents did. No doubt being a parent is the toughest ever job on this earth. You are always looked up and also judged. There are many sacrifices and compromises we end up doing just to bring up our kids. But when we decide to bring up a child into this world, it’s solely our responsibility to create a healthy and happy environment for them. It cannot be money all the time. 
Here are few points that can be considered for raising a happy child.

1.       Always show respect to people who are poor and below your social strata. Always be respectful in your behavior with everyone.

2.      Be good to others when they are good to you and vice verse.

3.      Avoid discussing intense matters in-front of them. No bitching please.

4.      Be a good listener, listen to them with full attention.

5.      Show them love and care, hug them when they are low.

6.      Do not show tantrums in front of them. Be a good role model.

7.      Filter your sentence before speaking to them/in front of them. Choose your words wisely.

8.     Be good to your partner. Always stand by each other and show them how you work as a team.

9. Respect their friends and treat them warmly.

10. Raise your voice against the wrong, they will learn this from you gradually.

11. Control your behaviour in front of them. If you have issues you can see a therapist.

These are few points which can be practiced. Rest, we all know what is best for our children 🙂