Positive affirmations and appreciations for a mother works like a tonic, an energy boosting drink to uplift herself and run the show everyday.
MOTHERHOOD- it’s a marathon! You can’t take a short cut, neither you can leave it half way. It’s exhausting. It’s like running uphill for 17 years. You start running and you will have to run till the end, and the best part is- no one knows where it ends. So, while running this motherhood marathon how many of us value our work, and the energy we put in every moment to drive a family and raise kids? We only look at those things which we couldn’t do or accomplish , isn’t it? Well, do not forget that being a mother is a 24*7 job, even a machine needs oiling and a cooling period, or else it crashes. Like, in my case -kids are very small to appreciate my efforts, rather they see those things that I could do. Doesn’t this make me sad? Yes, it does. I end up feeling sad and very demotivated at times. But then how do I run the show if I know I’m not appreciated and valued. I need to hear some positive affirmations to keep going.

As a mother, how many of you get to hear positive affirmations, and earn some appreciations while running the show?

Something had to change here, and I guess I knew the solution.

Motherhood- as I said earlier is a Marathon for lifetime.

It’s unpredictable..

It’s breathtaking..

It’s tiring..

But, it’s worth ..

It’s okay to fail. It’s okay to take out time for yourself and most importantly- nobody set any standards for you here. It’s you who wants to be the best version of yourself as a mom. And that’s what make things downcast.

You’re doing a great job and your kids aren’t in that skin to appreciate you. Remember, you value your work- as a result ,your kids value what their mom does.

I came up with a way to keep myself motivated. I jot out some affirmations in my diary, and I read them out for myself. Sometimes, I ask my elder one- who just turned 4, to repeat after me. It’s like I’m sending these affirmations to the universe so that they come back to me any form( yes, I believe that whatever you send to the universe, you get them back anyway)

Positive Affirmations And Appreciations for the Mother in Me.

I’m a good mother.

I am exactly who my kid needs.

I’m capable of amazing things.

I am grateful for the time I get to spend with my kids.

I’ll show my kids love through my actions and words.

My kids don’t need a perfect mother.

I will stay calm, even in the midst of chaos.

I’m not “just” a mother, I’ve my own individuality.

These affirmations and appreciations help me to achieve a transformational state, a better version of myself as an individual. Now I know, I am exactly that mother who my kids need. My purpose is to raise happy kids. To maintain peace and spread love in the family, even in chaotic situations. I don’t see my kids as warriors anymore, who just want to run over me every now and then. I see them as little humans who need my support and help to shape then up into better humans.

And, now I can’t think of a mom who wouldn’t find these affirmations helpful and motivating. They are full of positivity and will surely give a good drive to your motherhood journey.
Make your motherhood marathon memorable and joyful with these positive affirmations and appreciations – stick them on the refrigerator, your bathroom mirror, as a book mark or whichever way you like to see them while running a regular day.

Positive affirmations and appreciation for a mother
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