What makes you a natural born artist? Or, you simply say- nah it’s just my hobby. Well, being an artist doesn’t need any special degree, neither it comes with a pre-defined syllabus. Art is subjective and can’t be compared or outlined. It comes naturally to you, from inside. You need to recognise your area of interest- nurture and practice it, through out your life .You may be a born artist, and you may not know until you read and relate to all the signs mentioned here.

“An artist is a person engaged in an activity related to creating art, practicing the arts, or demonstrating an art”.

# You appreciate art and art lovers

You like to appreciate the art/work others create, and connect instantly with art lovers. You like to hear their stories, process and ideas. This fuels the artists in you to come up with your creation.

Appreciating art work
Artist’s diary

#You see beauty in everything you’re surrounded by-

You find vintage things beautiful, you see art in a broken wooden chair, or you simply find solace by looking at a tree. You are a keen observer of your surrounding, you find beauty and art in everything you see and touch. You never forget to appreciate the minute details that made up things.

Beautiful surrounding
Beautiful morning

#You value emotions and personal expressions more-
A hand written card is more valuable to you than a store bought fancy one, a painting excites you above an expensive watch. You would prefer to add personal touch to any of the parties you are hosting, rather than doing it in a mainstream way.

Wine Bottle artist
Bottle Painting on old wine bottles

# You love your notebook and scribbles –
You scribble whenever you’re left alone with a notebook and a pen. You draw, you write or you simply create designs. You document travel details, prefer writing phone numbers and address of people in your notebook over going digital.

Mandala artist
Mandala on Notebook

# You re-create things from old stuffs-
You don’t throw away that old wooden cupboard belonged to your grandmother, rather you DIY it to give a new look. You are always inspired by the old world charm and bring them to your work.

DIY- old lamp shade into new
DIY- broken lamp shade gets a new look

# You have a different style altogether –
Be it music, the way you dress up, the way you’ve done your house – you stand apart from the crowd.You know you’re quirky, and you’re not afraid to embrace it. You hate stereotypes. You’re confident of your likes and dislikes and no one can make you feel bad about it.

Artistic jewellery
Self made jewellery

# You value your personal space more than anything-
You might be a very social person, but at the end of the day you return to your personal space. You do your work only when you are at your comfort space and gets mad if somebody interrupts you.

My space

People might call you a weirdo and a lost wanderer, but at your heart you know that your thirst for art is undefined. You keep your journey as an artist alive. You keep exploring new horizons and try to do better with each work. You never let the natural born artist in you to die.
So, what’s your score here? Did you relate your personality traits with the above mentioned signs to check the Natural Born Artist Score of yours? Do let me know in the comment section 🙂