Do your kids have a strong sibling relationship? Or do you feel they lack that intensity of love and care? And how do you judge them? 

My house is a war zone and I literally mean that. Both the boys fighting over the same toy, running after the other with something to hit with; they never miss a chance to push each other and also yell at each other with top of their voices. But, at the end of the day, one can’t sleep without the other, if I say something to the younger one, the older one comes for his rescue and if the older one cries, his brother joins him for a nice chorus. 

Making a harmonious relationship among the kids is one of the toughest jobs for any parent and can also turn into a nightmare. Instilling good values from an early age is very important and this is the time when they prosper a strong sibling relationship which lasts forever.

Let’s look into few ways to develop a strong sibling relationship 


Never ever compare your kids with each other, this creates jealousy from an early age and also ignites inferiority complex among the kids. Accept them as they are- every child is unique and special.


Teach them to respect their siblings– looking down at them, making fun of them infront of others is a big NO NO. Remember, they learn what they see. Show them how to respect each other with their flaws and good.


All your kids will be different from each other, in appearance, in nature and also their perspective towards life would be different. Teach them to accept each other for who they are; make them understand that irrespective of their differences they all are same for you. What’s important here is loving each other and giving space to everyone to grow and flourish.


Give them tasks, any house work or project where they work as a team. This will develop their sense of  teamwork and also make them understand how they can work together towards a same goal with their individual ideas and personalities . You can give them simple tasks like – doing the laundry ,assist you in painting the backyard or dusting the house as per their age. 


This is very important. Most of the fights occur as they don’t think alike and don’t accept the other one’s perspective . As a parent, you need to teach them that it’s totally fine to not to agree with your sibling  all the time but you need to respect his/her opinion and you can chose to disagree to them but respectfully. Getting into arguments and fights will only spread negativity and hamper their bond.


Half of your problem will be solved here only if they learn how to listen to each other carefully and then respond- react. This will help them learn how to empathise and look into things from other’s point of view. 


Enjoy some family time with your kids- do activities together, laugh together, go for a walk or watch a movie with them .  Spend time with them so they learn the importance of family time.


Teach them the importance of family and siblings– how this bond is the most unshakeable bond, they might have friends but as they grow older all that matters is how close you are to your family and siblings.

We, as parents need to construct an environment which is healthy, positive and which will let them grow freely together to develop their own individuality; an environment without any limitation for love and care, where there is a big room for open talks and gradually which will help them to develop strong sibling relationship.