Mornings are usually the most frantic hours of the day and if you screw your mornings ,your entire day is screwed. With kids around, we need to put in some extra care and effort to make it the most happy and engaging time of the day. Every mom has her struggle story when it comes to setting up the morning hours with the kids which also sets the base for the entire day. We can always accustom our kids to be more productive, self-reliant, and task orientated by giving them a positive and organised morning. I suggest to begin the idea of a morning routine as soon as the child hits the age of 2, where he/she can understand instructions and speak up the basic words. But it’s a personal choice and a mom can take her own time to decide by when she wants to start it.

Here are a few tips to get you started.

  • Greet the kids with a warm smile and cuddle them — The first step to spread positivity is through a warm smile and some positive words.
  • Make sure they had a good sleep — If they have an incomplete sleep last night, they would be cranky and restless through out the day. Make sure they complete their sleep.
  • Keep the gadgets away — A big NO NO to gadgets in the morning hours, make more human touch and connections.
  • Pray to the universe together, for showing you another shiny healthy day — Let them thank the universe for another healthy and happy day.
  • Drink water together so that they make it a habit — It is very important to have a good digestive system and drinking water after waking up in the morning cleanse the entire system and increases metabolism.
  • Soak into some sun — go to the verandah or in the neighbourhood for some air and Vitamin D ,be it for 5 minutes.
  • Do some basic stretching while on the bed or after getting up — This could be the fun activity of your morning hour and it also activates all the five senses of your and your child’s body.
  • Have a healthy breakfast —- Have a good wholesome breakfast, breakfast is the most important meal of the day and should never be ignored.
  • Set up a good deed/gratitude of the day — Encourage them to show gratitude and also do good deeds.
  • Planning is key —- Plan your day in prior which includes morning schedules, meal menu, outings, homework and fun time.

This routine outlined above may take 60 minutes of your time but, is worth maintaining and over the time you will see far greatest result in your and your kids behaviour and approach towards life.