To be a mother to boys is not a smooth journey, the struggle of knowing their behaviour, to figure out their perspective towards everything and to put yourself in their shoes are the most challenging tasks that a mother of boy faces through out her life. 

Boys usually seem to be unconcerned and unaffected by things, but their hearts are just as vulnerable as their girl counterparts who make their feelings, worries, and struggles known much more easily for the most part. 

A boy is always considered to be the result of a mother’s upbringing as he insecurely gets attached to his mother in the initial years of his life, a mother too tries to control his son in every possible aspect of his behaviour as she’s constantly under the pressure to raise a perfect boy who will turn into a gentleman someday. In the provocation of raising a perfect boy, sometimes a mother forgets the basic rule of parenting – her boy needs her more than anything else. Here, we are discussing the points that a boy needs from his mother.

  • He needs you to admit it when you are wrong— Do not get away without apologising and admitting if you have done something.
  • He needs you to let him go and let him fail—  It’s okay to follow your heart, it’s absolutely fine to fail, he needs you by his side as a companion not as a dictator.
  • He needs you to show him love, a lot of love— Show him that he’s loved, he is precious ,that’s how you will teach him how to love others.
  • He needs you to acknowledge the things that he does— If he’s helping you out with the household chores or running errands for you, acknowledge it. 
  • He needs you to support him in what he wants to do ,not what you want him to do— Every individual is different and unique, don’t clip his wings with your desires, let him develop his own personality, likes and dislikes, just be with him.
  • He needs you to model your faith and beliefs, not force it on him— Be what you wish to, show him how you follow your beliefs and faith but do not force it on him.
  • He needs you to build him up and be there for him—  Give him your shoulder when he wants to cry, make him strong and show him how to be strong enough to face the world, be with him through his thick and thin.
  • He needs you to remind him, do not nag— Remind him of what you want from him but don’t become a nagger.
  • He needs you to reciprocate his emotions — Hug him back when he hugs you, smile back when he smiles at you, hold his hand when he reaches out for your.

If we raise our boys with the solace of freedom and help them to make choices for themselves, then only then will learn to accept the consequences of their own choices and in the long run will start taking accountability of their own actions.